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Originally Posted by Leon View Post
In this day of handheld devices I do all I can to help out our members. I personally can't stand doing everything on a phone. And there is no device I dislike more than an Ipad. (we own 1-2 and my wife uses hers daily).
I am just old school. That said, almost half of my liquid savings is in Apple stock. I just try to do what Warren Buffet does but with about 5 less zeroes at the end . Here is my last layperson tip of the day ...Vanguard 500 Index fund. Warren says most investors would do much better just having their money there. So that is where the other half is. Happy collecting.
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Glad the signature turned out to be authentic.

I prefer an signed jersey contain a signature across the jersey, not at the angle shown. This is the first Mantle jersey I recall signed in this manner. Were all the signatures from scoreboard done at this angle?
I am not sure if they were or not . that is what I was posing about. Just looking for some guidance.
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