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Originally Posted by orly57 View Post
I don't think anyone on this site thinks a centered t206 cobb isn't special. Especially your first Cobb. Congrats man. Great cards guys. Ben, that collection is looking nice!!!
Originally Posted by rainier2004 View Post
Carl, nice Cobb. That's where it all starts...just one, then another, then the next thing you know life is all about Cobby. Enjoy your card.

Originally Posted by charlietheexterminator View Post
Nice Cobb Carl, it is special, itís your 1st Cobb. Good Luck
Thanks Orlando, Steve, and Chuck! I see so many incredible Cobbs posted on here so it's easy to lose sight of greatness by comparison. Thanks for the nice comments. I absolutely love the card and want to someday pair it with its green counterpart, so here is hoping I haven't totally been priced out of one.
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