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Originally Posted by clydepepper View Post
IMO, some (ooops! make that a few) of you guys are WAY, WAY OFF!

I think Mays and Aaron are a cut above the rest.

...and I don't rank cheaters...but, that's just me and my bothersome standards.
I would agree that Mays and Aaron the top 2, but Griffey Jr. would have to be #3 in my opinion (among non-pitchers). Hadn't looked at the stats for Pujols for a while because his career hasn't been as prominent while with the Angels, but they make a strong case for number 4. After that, some great candidates for #5: Schmidt, Murray, Brett, Bench, etc. Trout on a trajectory to get there, and I think he will, but we'll have to wait, enjoy watching him, and see if the continues his greatness.
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