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Default date it.

I still believe that decal it pre 1914?. I don't know. I don't believe H&S had decals before 1911?.
the decal is one of the most complete I have seen .

the reason I use center brands and the decals. it is clear H&B continued using the decals for years. but its not clear if they purchased more decals. I believe they had plenty left over from 1914?. I believe if there would have been another purchase or production of them they would be different and Ruth would have one.

similar to the 1914 Wagner bat with no center label . I would prefer a stronger stamp on yours..

Its not the first one i have seen. I think [Palm Brothers?] may have made your decal. that's a guess. I wish I could say it for sure.
it would help clarify a date to the bat.

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