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Default Eagles banner

Great Pirates Banner. Do you mind if I ask how you display it?
I have a huge Philadelphia Eagles banner that reportedly hung in Franklin Field that I have struggled to find a way to display. It is very large - approximately 9 feet long, by 6 feet wide at the left side. I hate the idea of using tacks or anything, especially since this is made of a pretty heavy canvas material, and I would worry about damaging/tearing it by hanging that way. I have spoken to a few framers, and they wouldn't touch it due to its size. My latest idea (although a bit ridiculous) is to have 2 large pieces of thin plexiglass made into a sort of giant screwdown case that I could hang on my wall. I have talked to a plexiglass supplier, and my plan was to have 2 large sheets made with screwholes along the edges that I could use to tighten the pieces together, thus sealing the flag inside. Sort of a ridiculous idea, but it might work. Anyway, here is the flag.
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