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Default 1947 BOND BREAD and its "imposters" us your cards ?

Posted By: Ted Zanidakis

It's amazing what shows up on this forum. Your George Raft card is very cool. Raft was a "cool" villain
in the movies back when I was a kid. There is no doubt that this card was packaged in a BOND BREAD
loaf. Otherwise, why would it have rounded corners ? It certainly has the picture quality of the 48 cards
in the 1947 Homogenized BOND BREAD set.
However, I would guess that Bond Bread was inserting movie stars in their bread packages subsequent
to the BB (and Boxing) cards of 1947. Furthermore, including movie stars in with the Bond bread may've
been a regional thing. I have never seen (or heard) of Bond Bread packaging of movie star cards before
you mentioned your Raft card. And, I've compared experiences collecting these Bond Bread cards with
other hobbyists who collected these cards as kids (in Boston, Cleveland, St louis, etc.) and no one ever
brought up any other cards than the known 48 in the '47 set.
You have a really "rare bird" in your George Raft card.


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