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Default Hal Chase National Game and Tom Barker different photos used

I thought I would share something I just noticed concerning the Tom Barker and National Game sets. Both the National Game (WG5) and Tom Barker
(WG6) Game card sets have 52 cards in the set. Nine of these are the action cards, while 43 depict identified players. Between the two sets there are 39 players in common, while each set has four players (Dahlen, McLean, Stahl and Stoval in the National Game set, and Carrigan, Meyers, Wheat and Wingo in the Tom Barker set) that are only found in one of the sets.

I always assumed that there were no differences in the photos used for the 39 players that are in common between the two sets. I was wrong. The Chase on the left is from the National Game set, and the Chase on the right is from the Tom Barker set.

Now for an inquiry--does anyone else out there know of any additional differences in photos used for the other 38 players found in both sets?

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