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Default This time it's not eBay's fault, though it could have been handled better

I believe the culprit in all of this is not eBay - except as eBay has insufficiently advised "members" of what has transpired and how it will all play out. As a non-lawyer I will leave it to those among us who are to explain but the tax-on-eBay (and not just eBay) stems from a 2018 Supreme Court decision.


This decision seems to have opened the floodgates to every state (except the few that, blessedly, do not have state sales taxes) collecting taxes on internet sales whether the business has a presence in the state or not.

As Washington State residents who collect and pay WA state's very variable tax rate, we note that the original statement regarding collecting WA state tax has been removed from our eBay listings and the standard line (which seems to appear in all listings we've seen lately) has replaced it. That statement reads: "Sales tax may apply when shipping to: MN, WA." And with likely many more to come.

Steve Mitchell
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