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Default Ebay Payment Methods

I had heard it was coming, but as strictly a buyer, didn't see or receive any notice or correspondence as to the exact date that Ebay's new payment option that no longer includes Paypal would be rolled out. Just went to checkout for something I won and was greeted by the new format and policy. Apparently the only options I see on the checkout site are to pay by a credit or debit card, neither of which I want to do. After some further searching I saw where there was also supposed to be an Apple Pay option (which I know nothing about and am really not interested in signing up for and using), but there was no indication on the checkout site for that option anyway. I also saw some note about how Paypal would eventually be added back in as a payment option, but not till next year. So since this new payment policy with no Paypal appears to have gone into effect in just the last couple of days (I used Paypal for a purchase on January 7th with no problem), does that mean that Paypal won't be returning as a payment option till sometime in 2020 now?

I also didn't see where I could just send a check, but then I guess there would be no purchase protection in place on Ebay's part so that isn't necessarily an attractive option either. I understand Ebay can do what they want, but I may just stop using them as a purchase venue all together. I have to feel I'm not alone in this thinking, anyone else have any thoughts?
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