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Originally Posted by BillyCox3 View Post
Many years ago, I always made it a point to ask Berg's living teammates about him when visiting with them or sending out autograph requests. Nearly every player would be inspired to reply with their take on him. From my recollection, the author of the biography claimed that most of Berg's baseball colleagues were too bumpkin/jock to understand or accept him. The replies I received from those who actually knew Berg and roomed with him painted a different picture. They might not have understood the man, but were definitely in absolute awe of him!
Odd, my first exposure to Berg was an old paper back biography called "Athlete, Scholar, Spy" and it talked about how he was almost universally admired by his peers, especially Ruth. This had a lot to do with why such a mediocre player was invited on All-Star tours of Japan in the first place.
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