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I am fairly confident that I discovered the mystery of the unknown “Bourguise” card a little over a year ago. First, most have speculated that the player actually pictured is David Bourquin who appears in the second series. This then raises additional questions – did Dave Bourquin have a connection with Rocky Mt. and Fulton? As far as I know, Dave Bourquin is not formally listed as playing for either of these teams. However, my research indicates that he did in fact play for both.

First, there needs to be proof that David Bourquin played for Rocky Mt. The clipped attached below is from November 27, 1909 - David Bourqin was indeed with the Rocky Mt. team.

Second, a connection needs to be made between David Bourquin and simply “Fulton” in order to solve the mystery of his uniform. This, I believe, is what has essentially stumped everyone at this point. The second clipped i've attached shows David Bourquin playing with Fulton in July 1908.

In addition to these two teams, David Bourqin jumped around quite a bit and played with many other clubs. I am confident that the “Bourguise” card was an error – a misspelling and using an outdated photo with an obscure team.


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