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Default My defense

I hate this type of thread, but since I've been called out I feel the need to defend myself. This will be my only response, but if anyone has any remaining concerns I will respond to any private messages I receive.

I sold the Simmons to Brent over a year ago after I purchased it from another respected member of this site. I also purchased Ruth and Rixey signed 33 Goudeys from the same member at the same time and both are now in PSA holders. I believed, and still believe, the Simmons to be authentic. However, Brent never requested and I never offered any type of guarantee.

The Fabers were part of a trade Brent and I made in 2014. I received a Rube Marquard signed t206 and $1000 cash and Brent received the Fabers as well as signed 33 Goudeys of Maranville, Hartnett and Lyons. We discussed the possibility that the Fabers might be wife signed and again, no guarantee was requested or given. Brent also referred to the Fabers as a "toss in" when he requested that they be added to the deal.

I hear nothing about any of these cards until last Friday when I get an email from Brent informing me that the 3 had failed authentication and demanding a refund. If the email had been less demanding I probably would have offered a refund, but I don't respond well to discourteousness.

I have sold many signed cards without incident. I have given a few refunds when cards failed authentication. I've also bought my share of cards that failed to pass authentication and I've never requested a refund unless a guarantee was made. I believe I know the other member Brent is referencing me having sold a fake autograph to, and I am certain that member will acknowledge that I sold that particular card at a steep discount based on my disclosure that it had already failed PSA. That member has never requested a refund.

The bottom line is that I feel it's unreasonable for Brent to wait one year and over two years, respectively, to demand a refund when no guarantees were ever made or requested. As I said, this will be my only reply, but if anyone who has traded with, or bought from, me in the past has any concerns, please send me a private message and I'll gladly respond.
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