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I can personally say that the T206 cards I buy are for my personal set and would only sell if I was upgrading. I sometimes mention that a card purchase is for my personal set. Sometimes I get a break on the price. As far as "card flippers" here on Net54, I've sold many of my lower grade duplicates to them at a very fair price. Yes, I do see those cards listed on ebay for even double what I sold it for but those cards could stay listed on ebay for a year before the right buyer comes along. The "card flipper" deserves the profit for the wait and the fees. I also buy from the flippers and always feel I get a fair price or better. I even get contacted by them when something comes along that they know I'm interested in. These "card flippers" I also refer to them as friends, collecting buddies, friendly competition, and lastly Net54 family. Everyone misses out on a great deal. Just take a look at successful sold listings on T206's on ebay. There are plenty of missed deals to keep kicking yourself over. It's a matter of the right place, right time kinda thing. Luckly Tris Speaker Piedmont is a common so another will come along at a fair price again at some point.
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