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Originally Posted by JollyElm View Post
3. This always comes up, but when there is a $100 limit, how in heck is that determined? What is the basis for it? For instance, I have a few variations that I would like to get graded, but how do I determine what their 'value' is, especially if you can't find any sort of sales history?
PSA recommends you use the raw replacement value for the same card in the same raw condition. So even if you think your card may grade an 8 and be worth $300, you can submit it as a $75 value. They use it for determining return insurance and for being insured while in PSA's hands in case it is damaged. So if for some reason the card is lost or damaged in PSA's hands, they'll probably reimburse you the $75 or $99 you claimed, not the $300 a PSA 8 would be worth after it's graded.
On the last PSA bulk sub from blowout forums, a card was submitted as a $30 value for a 1977 football HOFer that ended up grading a 10. It might be worth $1000 now that it's the POP 1 PSA 10 (PSA 9s had an SMR of $250), but PSA let it fly through the shipment without being upgraded to a higher service level.

For the guy considering cracking a BGS 93 SP Jeter, PSA will be very tough on that card. It has to measure exactly 3.5"x2.5" or PSA will mail it back ungraded as MINSIZREQ. Then you have an ungraded Jeter RC you'll have to mail back to BGS with your tail between your legs.
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