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I shared this Mantle Day pennant on another thread a few weeks ago as a recent pickup, so I apologize to any of you who may have seen it there.

 photo Mantle_Day_Pennant_50Pct_zpse409238d.jpg

1950's Yankees arch rival Brooklyn Bums

Dogers_Bum_Pennant photo Brooklyn_Dodgers_Bum_Pennant_zps7f07e64a.jpg

This one I've often wondered about...Is it a baseball pennant (White Sox)? It has a cloth AG Spalding label sewn onto the back (circa 1910's logo). Has anyone seen one like this in a ballpark photo?

Chicago_Spalding_Pennant photo Chicago_AGSpalding_zpse9e47767.jpg

Lastly, if you will allow it , a Football pennant I recently picked up in an Antiques store. There was another recent thread asking if we ever find any good deals in Antiques stores. Like most of us, I usually don't; but this time I did!

1968_Jets_Photo_Pennant photo Jets_1968_Team_Pennant_1_zps9fd8ee55.jpg
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