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Default postmaster

The Postmasters boss is called the Postal Operations Manager, who is usually located in another city, but threatening to call the Operations Manager may help. You may also want to tell your "nice" carrier that you are going to contact the police. The carrier cannot sign for your items. Period. It is not allowed.

Our new scanners have many options - delivered, attempted, business closed, etc, and after a delivered scan, you have to enter something such as - in the mailbox, in the garage, etc. The Postmaster can use the tracking number with Google Maps and pull up a map that will show exactly where this package was scanned by the carriers scanner. It only takes a couple of minutes, and I have been able to tell my customers that the package was put in the garage, or on their deck, and on occasion, I can tell them that the package was delivered to their neighbors box, or to 406 E. Oak instead of the correct address of 406 W. Oak.

Good luck
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