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Default Hey all about it.

Early this year a well-researched and well-written book on Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak was in print. Simply titled "56",
it tells the story of this BB record that many say will never be broken.

Joe's streak started May 15, 1941. It did not receive much fanfare for quite a while, as Joe was typically getting only one hit per
game. The fans (and the sports media) started paying attention to the streak when Joe broke Earl Combs 29 game Yankee record.
In the 32nd game, Joe batted 3 for 3, then everyone started getting excited. From that game on to the 56th game, Joe hit at an
unbelievable .460 clip.

Furthermore, after Joe broke Willie Keeler's 44 game record, Joe batted at an amazing .510 clip during the final 12 games.

[linked image]

Check it don't have to be a Yankees fan to appreciate this story.


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