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Default Possible link: Max Stein Postcards and Pinkerton Postcards?

Posted By: fkw

I have a nice Pinkerton Chief Meyers, but its at SGC right now. It is misspelled Myers (I guess the same as a T5).

The photos used on many of the vintage cards and postcards are all very common and used over and over. Some, like the Hughie Jennings dancing "Eee Yah" is on dozens of cards, photos, and suppliments.
The Pinkerton Photo cards are not even postcards. I have yet to see one with any postcard markings. As far as I know they are only found with a blank back or a scorecard back. I have owned maybe 20 of them over the years. I have had 3 of the blank backed ones that were used as postcards, thats how we know the age of them, but have yet to see or hear of one that actually has a stampbox or "Post Card" markings on the back etc.

Does anyone actually have a Pinkerton Postcard?

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