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Default Re: Default Amazing E95 Discovery

This advertisement was located in the May 1910 issue of the periodical
"Confectioners Journal." Many of Philadelphia Caramel's ads were published in
this particular periodical.

I think a reasonable difference in format could have been that with the larger
name and team atop an ad would have made these properties more visible from
further away rather than having a small printed name and team at the bottom of
the picture that no one would be able to see. Just my opinion.

As far as dating the E95 set, I believe the key is Cy Morgan shown as a
Philadelphia Athletic on his E95 card. He was traded from Boston to Philly on
June 5, 1909. As mentioned in a previous post about how common E cards are,
many will agree the E95 set is a very easy and common set to collect. This
suggests to me that a large number of these cards were printed and distributed.
That in mind, Philadelphia Caramel issued the E95 set no earlier than mid-to-late
Summer 1909. Would a set like this have lasted thru the end of a baseball season,
all winter, all spring and into the following baseball season? Personally I believe it
fits better that a new promotion, which would have taken time to print,
package and distribute would have been better served being issued at the start
of the new baseball season, 1910.

Most collectors will say the E95 was issued in 1909 because that's what we've
always been told, but I think my theory fits as well as any I've heard yet.

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