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Originally Posted by steve B View Post
Those are really interesting. Especially the last two.

Usually a ring shaped defect is a fisheye, but it's usually a dark center with a light ring around it. The last two, especially the larger scan are like that, but the others are either the solid spot or the dark ring.

I suspect what's there is a drop of one of the platemaking chemicals that got there while the plate was being laid out. So the full spots are the earliest ones, the dark ring ones printed later after the original spot had a chance to wear, and the last two with light colored rings are actually an attempt at correcting the dark ring by stoning it off the plate. Basically erasing it with a limestone stick. It could also be plate damage and/or a nailhead sticking up from the impression cylinder.

Steve B
Because of the recent discussions I took another look at these. I have seen
where it was speculated that the printing of the group 1 (150/350) EPDG
subjects might have begun during the 150 series printing. If it could be
established (highlighted in red) that this is the reason for the differences in the dark spot on
the sleeve the two different variations in the EPDG examples could prove that
they were.

If you had high resolution scans of two or all three different degrees of that
spot could you tell if they were the result of plate wear ?

On a comparative note the Group 2 (350) only Tolstoi's have a similar
pattern when you look at the numbers.

Most of the group 2 350 only subjects are tough and some of them are
extremely tough with a Tolstoi back. There are 314 different subjects
that are considered to be possible with the Tolstoi back. There are 65
subjects that are unconfirmed and all of them are print group 2 subjects.
One explanation for this could be that the printing of the Tolstoi backs
didn't start until later in the print group 2 printing.

I just started researching a group of three print group 2 subjects and
when I get the numbers together I will post them here.

Here are the different examples so far. The fifth one from
the left and the first one on the bottom left are the EPDG's
the rest are all PD150's.

Owen Group.jpg

also all of them have this spot that is missing Yellow.
Owenper20Darkper20Spotper20Onper20Sleeve - Copy.jpg

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