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Default With all these numbers being given, I just have to ask...

would you mind checking the backs of your Piedmonts, Old Mills and Hindu backed cards to see how many and who has a rubber stamp from Howe McCormick, 500 W. Main St., Gainesville, Fla? I know I've pestered/bothered/annoyed most of you previously, but this seems to be the largest gathering of T206 collectors on the board at one time in one spot, so thought I'd beat the dead horse again. If you're interested in selling/trading, please let me know. If not, I'd just like to know what exists out there. I keep a list of all the known examples out there, so I would still have something to pursue, and I've learned my lesson ... I'll keep any replies to myself.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza and Happy Festivus.

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