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Originally Posted by Leon View Post
When I was in buying mode, first time around, I think I would bring upwards of 10k in cash. Nowadays when i go it is somewhere between 3k and 5k. I never worried about it. When I set up I will take almost anything except a CC as I don't have a personal merchant account. Folks can still pay on CC through Paypal though, which is how i earn 2% cash back when I use PP. I have also borrowed numerous wads of 100s, from friends at the National, to make cash purchases when I ran out of said cash. Where there is a will there's a way.
+1 on the cash. Just don't carry it all in one place (i.e., your wallet--and keep your wallet in your front pocket!) and be aware of what's going on around you, both on the show floor and to and from the parking lot. Somebody that's stepping right along with you, making every turn, is more than likely up to no good. Cash will often get you better deals (the 2015 National), but not always (not as much discount percentage wise at the 2016 national, IMHO).

Just be careful,

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