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Originally Posted by Stampsfan View Post
I was at a local comic expo a few years ago, and got a couple of Silver Aged comics signed by Stan Lee. CGC was certifying the autographs at the show, and eventually (like nine months later) they showed up with the yellow label.

Anyhow, the line for Stan Lee was nuts. Then you went to another area around 30 yards away, and lined up to fill in the CGC paperwork. There was ZERO checking that when you left the line to get Stan Lee's signature, you went straight to the CGC line.

There was so much opportunity to just walk into the CGC line with any item. Plenty of opportunity for fraud.

Further info: With CGC, they put the date and event on the yellow label. The credibility of this information is seriously in doubt.
When I have done CGC Signature Series in the past (at least several years ago), I filled out the paperwork, then CGC took the unsigned item from me and THEY got it signed. Has this changed? If so, I would agree that the new process leaves plenty of room for fraud.
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