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Default 1984 Tigers...

Dave...............I'm breaking your rules, but not by too much. I've been on a quest since 2002 to get a 1984 era, game used bat from all 21 position players on the 1984 Detroit Tigers roster. I attended my first MLB game 1984 when I was 9 years old and it happened to be during a great season. My father took me on Sept. 16th to the old Tiger Stadium, just before the playoffs. I still remember how 'green' the grass was in person. I'm down to needing just two...Rod Allen and Rusty Kuntz. Kuntz shouldn't be hard. Allen is very scarce.

1. What team? 1984 Detroit Tigers
2. Why you picked it? First year and team my Dad took me to see a game.
3. Toughest bat of the set (NOT the most expensive)? Rod Allen
4. Was there one that got away? Not really
5. How close are you? 2 more.

Cool topic................Matt
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