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Default Keep A Close Eye On Your eBay Invoices

I have been selling on eBay for over 14 years and I always took for granted that the eBay invoices I received each month were correct. So, I rarely ever looked at them until last week.
Last month, I had a buyer who decided to hike up the prices on several of my items. He used 3 different user ids to do this. Of course, he didn't pay. So, I contacted eBay and they cancelled all the transactions that he won. They also said that I would be refunded all final value fees which came to almost $400.
So, when I received my invoice last month it was a lot higher than I expected. I decided to check it out to see why it was so high. It turns out that eBay never refunded the fees for the cancelled items. Instead I was charged as though I sold the items.
Had to call them and after about 45 minutes on the phone, they corrected their mistake.
If I did not catch that error, I would have been out almost $400. This really bothers me because how do I know how many other times I was charged for something that I should not have been charged for.
My suggestion is to check your invoice from time to time.
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