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Default Who is the toughest

Wow so many! I am an HOF autograph guy. Pardon the spelling errors but here you go....19th century and Negro league with a few exceptions will be where the buck stops. Delahanty, Cummings, Hulbert, Ewing, Kelly(King not George), Radbourne, and others Selee, McGinnity. Really any 19th century autograph has my utmost respect. Negro league Josh Gibson, and Rube Foster ....yet they are common compared to some near impossible signs.! Ross Youngs is rare yet he is common compared to Addie Joss! I have had all but 2 I just listed currently own 4 listed. Not fond of cuts but letters documents are great. Bottom line is they do not come around often maybe 1 or 2 Real a decade.....or less! If you are serious about collecting buckle up it can get very expensive! Fortunately I am at the point where I donít see something I need ortruly desire often, so when I do I am well rested, and ready to play ! Good Luck i5 is a fun and Great hobby!
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