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Originally Posted by mybuddyinc View Post
............... darn ......... you beat me. I was going to ask if Button Gwinnett ever played baseball.

He was shot dead in duel on May 16, 1777 (thus only living well less than a year after signing Declaration of Independence). His adversary was Lachlan McIntosh. You can look up more if interested, but basically, they were long time military and political foes that didn't like each other to much.

Both have streets named after them in Savannah .

.............. carry on
His supply wouldn't even land him in the top 10 of Baseball Hofers. At least he will never be forgotten due to one of the most populous counties in Georgia being named for him.

Not counting those with no known signatures, thus being impossible, it would have to be Buck Ewing. The only known signature is on his will.
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