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Default I could use some Net54 search help

Posted By: Mike


I've also been facing the same thing and spent a while yesterday doing exactly that. What I've found that works is:

  1. Click on the desired message on the Search Results page, then click on "Response to:" link.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the associated messages and get the date from the last thread message (remember the subj, too).
  3. Page backwards from the main index page until you find the message with that date and subj - it can be painful, especially for threads from the early days.

As an alternative, you can make a guess and jump directly to a page by modifying the URL in the address-bar and setting the page number to whatever you like... for example takes you to Dec 2003 at the moment. Change "300" to whatever you want and you can get quickly to the right timeframe and then go a page at a time. The page numbers are relative to the current content and dependent on volume so which dates are on which pages will change over time... it is at least a quick way to get started.

It would be nice if this were automated, as it would be really be useful for getting those top-class threads into the archives cleanly.

BTW - Leon, Brian - nice job with the Archives!
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