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Originally Posted by Arazi4442 View Post
My first submission as well. Total value was well less than 1K for all 15 submissions. Yes, I did submit the Petty card, I'll let you know when (and if &#128512 I get my grade. I've emailed PSA multiple times and received only robot replies. I hope they are as busy as was mentioned above. It makes want to work with another tpg exclusively.
I know PSA brings more $, but I got back into collecting just for me. Not trying to turn a profit on anything.
I completely understand your point. That is largely how I feel as well. I mostly collect obscure cards outside the big four sports because I love the impossible to find, even if it may only be worth $100-200.

I decided to get my STP cards graded because there is only one other complete set on the registry (the owner also posts on this board) due to the extreme rarities of a couple cards in that set.

When I dropped off my cards at the Philly show in early December, the line at PSA was huge. As far as the value of the total submissions, if the cards would somehow get lost in the mail, there is a good chance I would never find another example of a couple of the cards.
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