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Default What's a good "first" vintage set to collect?

Hey all,

I used to only collect modern cards, before moving to memorabilia, line-up cards and autographed baseballs over the last couple of years.

Spending time on this site I've come to appreciate vintage more, but I've been somewhat intimidated.

Looking through some auction catalogs I've wanted to try my hand at vintage but am not sure where to start and was hoping for some advice.

I'd love any advice or guidance that anyone has, and particularly thoughts on a set that would make sense to target.

I've come up with some basic criteria for a set:
1) Good looking cards (major criteria for me on this are images that really look like the player)
2) Big name players (would like a set that includes some of the classic names like Ruth, Cobb, Mathewson etc... doesn't have to have all of these guys specifically, but those kinds of players) edit: I took out Gehrig who is not from the same era)
3) Following up on the list before, I'd like cards from the player's playing days
4) Fairly simple set. I've read many posts about the different backs and the like to some of the sets and it makes things way too overwhelming for me at this point. I'd like something a little easier to follow.
5) Set that's not overly expensive

Thanks in advance!

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