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Default Why aren't there more football card collectors?

I get it that baseball has done a better job of emphasizing and glorifying its past and that there's perhaps a little more baseball history than football (though the more I learn, the narrower the gap seems), but why aren't there more football card collectors?

Football of the professional variety has really achieved top dog status in American sports since about the mid-1960s, and college football was huge before that. And, at the end of the day, collectors are collectors. There are a ton of desirable and relatively affordable football cards/sets from just the 1950s and 1960s alone (shhh...don't tell anyone), and I know there are many other issues that predate even those that many of you guys are into.

I have had a foot in collecting both sports so I notice the volume and discussion surrounding the collecting of the two sports. Judging by Net54 and other forums I eavesdrop on, it is baseball first, and it isn't even close. I know that such sites don't represent all collectors, but these trends must mean something.

Football card set building has given me more satisfaction and success in just a couple short years than I have ever had collecting anything else. So, it's not like I am begging for more competition or anything, but the whole thing mystifies me.

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