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Default E90-1, The Kraken (AKA The E-Monster) - post your collection progress

I have always wanted to imitate/compete/improve upon Frank and his T206 Monster. I have been on and contributed to this board since it was created, and was on the old Full Count board before that, so I definitely have the hobby stamina required to maintain such a thread, just like Frank has proven to have. I have always loved the E90-1 set, and have collected it off and on for over 25 years. Of course since the E90-1 set has nowhere near the popularity of the T206 set, the views will pale in comparison to the Monster thread, but I think the E90-1 issue has enough of a following and is full of varying scarcities that are still being pinned down that I think it will at least keep a portion of Net54'ers interested.

I have established a point system, which is a little more enlarged and elaborate compared to the T206 Monster version (I mean, all Ty Cobb cards count as 1 point...ouch!). Admittedly, Frank's formula has widespread appeal and is simple, but why not try something else for this very different and much smaller set? Here is the point system I propose for the 121 E90-1 cards (the 120 complete set is now 121 cards because of the Miller w/sunset variation being recognized):

20 Joe Jackson

10 Tris Speaker
10 Honus Wagner (throwing)

7 Hugh Duffy
7 Mike Mitchell
7 Honus Wagner (batting)
7 Cy Young (Cleveland)

5 Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh)
5 Ty Cobb
5 Willie Keeler (red background)
5 Jake Stahl
5 Bill Sweeney (Boston)
5 Ed Walsh

4 Peaches Graham
4 Christy Mathewson
4 Eddie Plank
4 Cy Young (Boston)

3 Bob Bescher
3 Patsy Dougherty
3 George Gibson (back)
3 Harry Howell (wind up)
3 Ed Karger
3 Willie Keeler (throwing)
3 Addie Joss (throwing)
3 Nap Lajoie
3 Tommy Leach (throwing)
3 Hans Lobert
3 Larry McLean
3 Dots Miller (sunset)
3 Orval Overall
3 Dave Shean
3 George Stone (left hand showing)
3 Jerry Upp

1 each for the rest of the 88 cards

A complete set of 121 would thus be 250 points

I have given point values based mainly on popularity with a good dose of perceived scarcity thrown in, giving a nod to traditionally acknowledged scarcities and tossing in a few common players that have been revealed in the recent years as being tougher/more desirable. I decided to include the 13 commons worth 3 points each with the understanding that there are another dozen or so candidates that might be included, but didn't want this thing to get too cumbersome. Likewise various other Hall of Famers count as 1 point, but most of these are either fairly common or not as popular.

Let me know what you think about all this and what you think about my point system (as potential Kraken master I will listen to suggestions, but of course I get the final say like any good E-Monster would).

To start off, my E-Monster # is 164. I own all 88 of the 1 point cards, 15 of the 3 point cards (missing the Miller sunset), all 4 of the 4 point cards, and have the 5 point Cobb, Clarke Pittsburgh and Stahl cards.

Brian (and below are some of the beautiful 1 point 'sunset' cards to get your E90-1 juices flowing)
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