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Originally Posted by perezfan View Post
There are others out there. This Pennant is absolutely authentic. I canít see the Etsy links but know that Keith J. Is a true expert and a very reputable seller. Iíve bought and traded with him many times, and this is one you just need to see in person.

I understand the concern because the mascot looks so different. But it is legit...

Some were embroidered on and others were glued. Some of these applied insignias were cloth, some were felt and some were leather. I suspect this one might be the latter, but can tell better if/when the new owner can post some good close-up pics.

Regardless, itís a nice find and a beautiful piece, despite the rough condition. Eager to see how the ďfinal productĒ looks after matting/framing.
Thanks for the info. This is the same pennant, then? Wonder what happened to the link.
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