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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
I put minimal thought into it and bought a Sentry safe from Amazon. Brand has a solid reputation. Heavy as hell and some dude carried it into my house. Works fine.
Flood and fire rating? If my house burns to the ground my collection will be the least of my worries. And is insured. Flood a little more important as I did have a terrible flood on the other side of my home.
I cannot believe how deep we are into this thread and nobody has posted this video. I think safes present the illusion of safety, and if someone wants in, they'll get in and it may involve you nicely opening it for them against your will. They protect to varying degrees and stop probably nearly every petty criminal. That said, some are just a joke. The Sentry safe is a giant POS that if someone is even moderately motivated to go to work, they can:
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