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Default T205 design vs T80 design question ?

In early (Feb. - March) 1911, American Lithographic (ALC) issued one of their first (if not their 1st) Gold-bordered set of cards......their Military Series (T80) comprising of 50 cards.
And, since these were produced during the tail-end press runs of T206's, ALC printed the T80's with T206-type backs....LENOX, OLD MILL, TOLSTOI, UZIT. Plus, they introduced an
additional T-brand....CAIRO MONOPOL.
The gold border is very ornate, the colors are brilliant, the artistry is superb....and in my opinion, there is a certain "majesty" about these cards which is missing in the T205 design.

But, before I get into T205's, here's a bit of T80 trivia that I think you'll find quite interesting.

Now imagine this.... opening a LENOX (or UZIT) cigarette pack in the Spring of 1911 and finding a T206 card and a T80 card in it....WOW ! !

From an American Tobacco Co. (ATC) ledger (dated Feb 1911), we learned that ATC instructed Factory #30 to insert a T206 card and a T80 card in each of the LENOX (or UZIT)
cigarette packs.

The design and printing of the T205 cards most likely followed the T80 production. Why did ALC not continue with the fancy gold-border design and the bold colors of the T80's ?
I love the T205 bios of each player; however, I guess I'm sort of a funny dude because I've never really cared for the front design of the T205 Major Leaguers.
So, I'm curious how do some of you T205 collectors feel about this ?

OK, here's where I'm coming from: in the 1990's, I put together a 209-card T205 set (including the elusive Hoblitzell No Stats card). Since then, I sold most of the cards in the set.
Kept my favorite cards, some of which are on display here......

. .

Love this card of Daubert (he should be in the HOF), plus he grew up just a short distance from where I live in Pennsylvania.

OK....let's see some T205's....and, let's engage in some T205 conversation.


T206 Reference

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