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I would guess you could identify the removal with a black light. Richard Simon used a black light to test out another company's removals and it worked.
OK, it is time I stepped up to the plate, I threw this out to see what the response would be, just like 15 years ago when SCD did the story about my business of removing stains, tape and much more. Then, like now, 50% of the worlds population agreed what I did, 50% did not, gosh, one of the people who did not agree what I do was from ASA grading many years ago. I have only done 1 ball, and yes we already used a black light, nothing shows, and yes, I have already talked to a chemist, and yes we can put a watermark on the ball, and yes it won't make a difference because the ball grader is going to grade the signature, not the watermark.

I have done all this already. I hope this can help all, and yes Peter, I can also remove fine creases on anything, and you ask" should there be a disclosure- sure you can tell the customer the crease was removed- however allow him to find the crease- he can't because it is gone. I ran test 16 years ago for PSA, Mike Baker and Rocky on cards they handed me to try- I did the job, and they found nothing-- case closed- I ran 15 cards for SGC before they did the story, they found nothing- story went live.

We are very proud to have helped 100's of dealers and customer over the 15 years, and God willing will continue" to do so. So I say the people who don't like what I do, I 100% respect that, but please don't try to sell me a card with a slight crease, or stain, or anything and expect to be paid like there is little wrong with card- For the other 50% who have used my service, please continue, as you will see the benefit of a outstanding looking card for your collection. As I said a few months ago when a man bought 2 T205 collection 30 years ago and that was his 401 K- finding out 343 of the cards were tipped with gold paid, rendering these cards as what they are, and removing the paint and all graded- every darn one of them- that was outstanding for the gentleman. This was a great experience to here from the best, thank you all 100%
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