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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
Someone paid $1,170 for this cutout of a picture of Nolan Ryan from a Sporting News magazine. Not ever was this meant to be cut out yet PSA for some reason felt it should be slabbed. As far as I know they still won't slab a skinned N172 Old Judge card.
Yes this sold for $1,170. I have a subscription to worthpoint and can see the prices.

pluck me? no, no, no. pluck all of you!

who needs worthpoint, because maybe it was this banned idiot?

perhaps it was because he already had every possible version of his 68 card?

and maybe it was because he already had the #1, #2, #3 and #4 basic ryan sets?

could be he's just a hardcore ryan fan and simply likes oddball sh!t.

or it could be the fact that they aren't graded anymore, thus only leaving 5 examples in slabs.

hell, maybe he likes to laugh at psa too and could just have it merely as a conversation piece.

or he simply likes the fact of ya'll talking shit while you guys probably have some random turd blossom in your collection that you think smells like roses and resembles the exact same thing you're fucking mocking?

he may have snagged it b/c he finds it funny you are actually attempting to step inside another collectors head and try to figure out what makes the motherfucker tick?

(good luck on that one by the way.)

truth be told, he bought it to prove your mom's ol adage of "be careful of who and what you say, as the mofo could be sitting right next to you!"

actually he just sent out a tweet or whatever the hell that is saying #hashtag he really doesn't give a fuck and bought it simply because he could.

funny thing is, i heard this idiot actually has oceanfront property in arizona as well.

hell, i even caught my first marlin there. right off the back of the bus w/ some 20lb test and a cane pole.

now, seriously. listen to mom this time. go wash behind your ears and for christ's sake, brush those fn teeth...and maybe ya should simply keep talking about which of ya'll shilled who and how ya'll screwed each other over. sure i paid $1170 for it, but my name isn't anywhere on the shill list. in fact, most of ya'll got shilled more than that! so one could say, i got it for free.

and who said "shillvary is dead"?

that rant truly had to be worthy of the ban, right?

it's fucking sad.

"i hold myself in contempt"

don't think I really need to post the 82 and on, but who knows w/ this group.

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