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Originally Posted by pariah1107 View Post
Multiple sources indicate he played for the Nebraska Indians. 1915 or 1932 are the most likely years he did so. However, I have not been able to find newspaper record that he played for them yet. As you know the Nebraska Indians barnstormed throughout the Midwest, and it could have been at any game, at any time.
I'd never heard or read anywhere about 1915. When I first read about his stint in 1932 it was a newspaper account, but the link is no longer in google. Ed Hamman owned the team in 1932 and they played a ton of games...150+ I believe. They picked up players here, there and everywhere under Hamman. It's entirely possible that Claxton played with them for only a game or two just because the Indians were in the same town he happened to be in.
Looking for Nebraska Indians memorabilia, photos and postcards
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