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Claxton played for the Nebraska Indians in is unknown for how long though.
Multiple sources indicate he played for the Nebraska Indians. 1915 or 1932 are the most likely years he did so. However, I have not been able to find newspaper record that he played for them yet. As you know the Nebraska Indians barnstormed throughout the Midwest, and it could have been at any game, at any time.

Not included in the above record were games with the Chicago Union Giants in 1932, where he was reported to have won 43 and lost one versus House of David teams. Highly doubtful as he suffered a shoulder injury in 1931, and his record for the 1932 Cuban Stars/Washington Pilots was not good. Remember he was a 40 year old rookie in the Negro Leagues. All sorts of these types of rumored records, in 1918 he won "38 of 42", and "28 of 32" either down south or "back east" depending on the source. Unless there is verifiable first-hand evidence of his at-bats/hits, wins/losses, or any other statistic they have been ignored. It's harsh but necessary in this case in order to gain certainty with cumulative stats. I honestly feel the above covers only 20% of his overall career, but it's all I can do.

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