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Default Poll: How do you keep track of upcoming auctions?

Today I noticed REA has an auction ending this Saturday. The only reason I found the date was because I happened to clean out my email spam folder. I knew there was an REA auction ending soon, but I would have completely missed the date if I hadn't cleared out my spam. This got me wondering, how does everyone remember all the auction dates?

Personally, I rely on, but today I found REA is not an advertiser. Why not? It seems like such a convenient service for bidders (especially forgetful ones like myself), but perhaps fewer people frequent the site then I originally thought. Does anybody else use this service? I would love to hear from some AH owners who frequent this site on which outlets they choose to advertise and which they choose to not. I can say right now, 95% of auctions I miss are because the date wasn't on the Auction Report calendar.
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