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Archive 05-07-2006 04:55 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>jp</b><p>does a card thats graded vs. non graded worth more or raise the value of the actual card ? sorry if this topic has been covered before. thanks

Archive 05-07-2006 04:57 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>Al Crisafulli</b><p>My opinion is that a graded card is more valuable for one of two reasons:<br /><br />1) The slab inspires more consumer confidence as to issues like authenticity and accurately described grade<br /><br />2) Some cards have low populations in higher grades and thus set completists are willing to pay a premium for them.<br /><br />So, yes.<br /><br />-Al

Archive 05-07-2006 05:53 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>warshawlaw</b><p>It is not more valuable, it is more marketable. It is still the same card.

Archive 05-07-2006 07:58 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>jp</b><p>thanks guys good way to look at it in both senses.

Archive 05-08-2006 10:56 AM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>Frank Wakefield</b><p>War is on it. The card is still worth whatever the card is worth.<br /><br />A dollar is worth a dollar, putting it in a fancy bejewelled case with some snotnose's opinion as to authenticity doesn't change the value of the dollar itself. The authenticated dollar might be more acceptable to those concerned about authenticity who are also incapable of reaching a conlusion on their own... <br /><br />The card is still the card. Plastic around it doesn't change the card. But it does make some collectors* (I think maybe folks who collect only slabbed stuff should have an asterisk... like a home run record...) more willing to buy the card.

Archive 05-08-2006 12:12 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>Peter_Spaeth</b><p>If the question is whether a slabbed card in fact is worth more in terms of what it can be puchased and sold for on the market, as opposed to whether it should be worth more, then the answer seems an obvious yes. People have debated to death whether this is right or wrong, the competence of the grading services, etc., but despite the anti-grading views of people like Frank (who doubtless have valid points), the reality of the marketplace speaks for itself. Even anti-grading guys who post regularly here have acknowledged they will submit cards for grading before selling. Just the way it is at this point in time anyhow -- notwithstanding all the reservations about the grading companies.

Archive 05-08-2006 12:31 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>JimCrandell</b><p>Question is whether having it graded increases the value you could sell it for--are you really debating the issue that graded cards almost always sell for more in equal condition?

Archive 05-08-2006 12:49 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>Al Crisafulli</b><p>As usual, Peter articulated the point I was trying to make in my first post much better than I ever could.<br /><br />It is, unfortunately, reality.<br /><br />-Al

Archive 05-08-2006 03:10 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>Anonymous</b><p>Frank,<br />Although I agree with you, somewhat, in spirit, a dollar bill has been graded, authenticated and backed by the full faith of the United States Government.

Archive 05-08-2006 04:08 PM

is a graded card more valuable ?
Posted By: <b>drc</b><p>The answer is the cards are worth the same, but the graded card sells for more.<br /><br />If Mike Gutierrez puts on eBay at $1 min bid an authentic Babe Ruth signed baseball at the same time newbie Joe Blow puts up an equivalent $1 min bid authentic Babe Ruth signed baseball, the Gutierrez ball will sell for more. Doesn't mean one ball is worth more than the other. If Gutierrez and Mr. Blow had switched balls before auction, Gutierrez' auction would still fetch more.

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