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Baseballcrazy62 12-02-2017 04:37 PM

Who had a positive impact on your collection ?
I remember as a kid going Bill Carrols ( one of the dealers who set up at the shows in the early 70's in and around the Detroit area) house with my dad and looking at all the cards I had never seen before. The were all goudey and playball cards of guys I had only read about in books. Ruth, Foxx, Gehrig and it was endless. My dad would always buy a couple of cards (mostly commons). I am 55 now and my Dad is 94 and we still enjoy talking and looking at those cards today. Mr. Carrol was always so accomadating to a 12 year old kid who didn't have the money to pay him what the cards were worth but he took the time on a number of Sunday afternoons and soon became a friend. Looking forward to hearing a few stories from some of you regarding your memories about people who made a collecting impact on you.

pawpawdiv9 12-02-2017 04:41 PM

MattyC and Begsu changed how I collect cards.
And ALL the pre-war guys give me excitement when I see their cards.
Thanks NET54.

bnorth 12-02-2017 05:02 PM

For me it was my younger brother. He was around 10-12 and I was in my late teens. He stopped out to my place to visit and brought a hand full of cards. He had just started collecting and wanted to show them to me. I opened a drawer and said I have these. His eyes got as big as plates and said do you know how much those are worth. I said no because they had been sitting in that same drawer untouched since I was a real little kid. My older cousin had problems and passed away in the early 70's and gave me the cards before he passed. I had 2 nice stacks of 60's baseball cards and 1 nice stack of non sport cards. The non sports cards were beat to holly heck. The baseball cards looked like they just came out of the package.

I was hooked the second he brought out a price guide and starting looking up the Mantles ,Fords, Koufaxs, and all the other stars. I have been collecting every since except a few years off in the early 00's. I have a little bit of everything now that fills an entire room. Between selling and trading those 2 stacks of baseball cards turned into the whole room full of cards/memoribilia. Best part is I can guarantee overall I have not spent a penny out of pocket for that room full of cards.

Weirdly my brother collected for a few years and stopped. I owe my collection and the fact I collect to him. Sorry for the long story, would also like to read others stories.:)

kvnkvnkvn 12-02-2017 05:04 PM

Kinem's Sports Cards.

Didn't even have to think twice...So much information, great deals and most importantly, dude is a good human...

ricktmd 12-02-2017 06:07 PM

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Goodwin Goldfaden from Adco Sports Book Exchange on Santa Monica Bl in West Hollywood California. A friend and I used to go in 1969 and he would bring out shoe boxes full of T206's with the cards laying on their sides. All were Sweet Caporal or Piedmont with an occasional Polar Bear. He would shout at us "do you kids have money"?. The price was 1.00 for commons and 2.00 for HOF's. I bought the attached Walter Johnson for 2.00. One thing for sure about him he never left a T206 rare back or Cobb (who he was a big fan of) in the shoe boxes. I bought 5 T206's from him over time and still have them all

oldjudge 12-02-2017 07:00 PM

Keith Mitchell helped me navigate the waters of the Old Judge market when I first started collecting in the early-1990s. He was a mentor, a friend, and one of the pioneer researchers in this area. The man from Bettendorf, Iowa is certainly missed.

Powell 12-02-2017 07:00 PM

Bill Latzko has been a huge help for my collection. A wonderful guy. Fair, knowledgeable and honest.

glynparson 12-02-2017 07:02 PM

Vince from Renningers in Adamstown, mike Delaney from Greenwich street in reading, beanie schlottman, chick levengood, Levi, jim and my father have had the most impact on my love and knowledge of the hobby

Stonepony 12-02-2017 08:13 PM

Without question my dad was my #1 influence. He really taught me everything about the hobby that I see as important. He loved the cards and players of his childhood far more than that the " impressive" parts of his collection. Mathewson, Cobb, Mantle, Regional issues , early Bowmans and type cards were
His they are now mine.

darwinbulldog 12-02-2017 09:23 PM

I didn't have the fortune of knowing many hobby legends, but Bob Lemke was very generous to me with both his time and his tremendous knowledge. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know him a bit in his last few years and proud to have a couple of his old cards.

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