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JeffPrice 03-06-2018 07:32 PM

What are the next Million dollar cards?
Just wanted to get everyone thoughts on next million dollar cards. After the Mantle 9 in Heritage goes for over $3.5 and surpasses the Wagner will others follow? I'll start with Ty Cobb with Cobb back highest grade.

Santo10Fan 03-06-2018 07:52 PM

Maybe not next...but eventually, 1954 Topps Aaron rookie gem mint 10, probably after he passes away. Only couple known and has always been a hot one.

jbl79 03-06-2018 08:02 PM

Possibly 1914 CJ Jackson SGC 98, 1914 Baltimore News Ruth PSA 4, and M101-5 Sporting News Ruth PSA 8

joshuanip 03-06-2018 10:10 PM

E98 Wagner BSF PSA10

Scocs 03-06-2018 10:55 PM

1988 Score Gregg Jeffries

joshuanip 03-06-2018 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by Scocs (Post 1754873)
1988 Score Gregg Jeffries

PSA9 or 10?

oldjudge 03-06-2018 11:08 PM

Anson in Uniform Old Judge (if one ever comes to market again)

Vintageclout 03-07-2018 07:15 AM

Million Dollar Cards
Baltimore News Ruth in ANY Grade; M101 Ruth in 8 (possibly a well-centered 7 as well); Cobb w/Cobb back PSA 4.5; the sole PSA 10 51 Bowman Mantle Rookie

packs 03-07-2018 11:06 AM

Million dollar bill relic card

SMPEP 03-07-2018 11:15 AM

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Don't know about million dollar (I know it's NOT in my collection), but this one will be Ten Million:

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