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Pat R 02-06-2016 09:18 AM

I Believe This Could Be A Complete Horizontal Layout For This T206 Sheet
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I recently found this Gibson plate scratch that closes up a gap in the A-B sheet
which I think completes the horizontal layout for this sheet.
Attachment 220321 Attachment 220337 Attachment 220338

Attachment 220322Attachment 220323

There were two different fronts used with this plate scratch sheet which has a Sweet Caporal Factory 649op and A SC 649 no print subject for each horizontal position so I think one sheet had all the 649's and other one
had the 649 no prints. There are 5 spots on the bottom row missing the second subject for that particular scratch, 3 649's and two 649 no prints.
Attachment 220340
Attachment 220327

There are two different plate scratch sheets with a left to right horizontal
scratch and they have two different distinct scratches. One is a heavier single
scratch and the other is thinner scratch that is double in some areas. (That's the scratch on this sheet.)

Pat R 02-06-2016 09:36 AM

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I think this sheet is complete horizontally at 17 subjects or this is the minimum
width of this sheet. There are no vertical scratches on this sheet to determine
the height but one of the sheets with a vertical scratch is at least 11 high and
another is 12 high. I'm thinking 12 might be the vertical number. The hoe NO.4 press bed is 26X34 which would fit this sheet.

While I think the plate scratch sheets might have been 12X17 with the same subject used vertically for the entire sheet. I don't think all the sheets were
this size and we know for sure that the vertical subjects were not the same on all the sheets by the two name and miscut examples that exist.

This is what I think one of the A-B sheets looked like. O'Leary and McIntyre
need to be substituted with 649 no print subjects but the second scratch for those positions haven't been confirmed yet and they should be 649 no prints
when they're found.

steve_a 02-06-2016 09:42 AM

Congrats Pat. Exciting result from a lot of work.

Mountaineer1999 02-06-2016 09:47 AM

Pretty amazing Pat.. awesome effort sorting through these!

T206Collector 02-06-2016 10:02 AM

This is really great. You can see why they would be cut up even if they survived the printer's blade - all of the vertical repetition isn't as appealing as, say, a sheet with all different players on it, which would be far more displayable. Great job!

t206hound 02-06-2016 10:42 AM

I know you've put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this. Flat out awesome!

wolf441 02-06-2016 10:53 AM

That is really amazing work Pat. I can't imagine how much time you put into this, but the 12x17 sheet layout seems to make sense. I think this might be the closest we'll all come to seeing what an actual T206 sheet looked like.

If we gave out awards for expanding the knowledge of the Monster, you'd definitely collect some hardware!! :D



boneheadandrube 02-06-2016 10:56 AM

Great work and effort!

Pat R 02-06-2016 02:32 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Here's an example of another Gibson scratch that adds support to his
positioning on this sheet. The positions of the three different scratches
across the template are not where the rows would be vertically I just drew
them there using existing scratches to have an idea where new scratches
might be found on each back.

Jon (jcfowler6) posted these Gibson pics in post #97 of the plate scratch
thread. I kept a scan for my records but hadn't assigned it to a sheet and
I had forgot about it until I just put this new Gibson in my files.

The upper scratch is pretty faint compared to the lower scratch so there
are a large number of them that are unconfirmed. Jon's Gibson lines
up in the same horizontal row as the new lower Gibson scratch and
is pretty close to where it was drawn by simply connecting a couple
of the confirmed upper scratches to create a line across the whole sheet.

steve B 02-06-2016 10:21 PM

What a wonderful result Pat! When I first mentioned the scratches I'd hoped for a result like that in maybe a couple decades :eek: That you were able to put it together so "quickly" with a ton of work and a good deal of input from the rest of the list is amazing.

I'm thinking the sheet may have been wider, unless I'm not understanding the layout showing the scratches

The Hahn/Wilhelm and Murphy/Davis that are in the middle- extending that line left brings it right to the level shown for the right column, ?/O'Leary. So maybe there was a bit more to the right side. 2 unknowns then Hahn/Wilhelm then Murphy/Davis then..........Maybe more?

Way back I looked at pop reports for the 150 onlys, and found a definite grouping for those subjects, two clear groups of 6 and the couple outliers like the Magie and the Wagner. A sheet with a partial repeat would explain that.

Steve B

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