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Archive 07-26-2006 10:30 AM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>Mark H</b><p>I saw this on ebay in a group of newspapers being offered; some friends thought this would be of particular interest at N54. It notes there are only 40 cards in the set, while 26 cards for each team exist (Yankees and Giants). The set was issued in October of 1921 to commemorate the first subway world series in New York. The newspaper this came from was The Evening Sun in Baltimore and was from a run of papers in the first 2 weeks of October, 1921.<br /><br /> <br /><br /><img src="">

Archive 07-26-2006 11:45 AM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>Hal Lewis</b><p>Very interesting!!!!<br /><br />Maybe someone who cataloged the set long ago THOUGHT that Koester had printed 52 cards up... when in reality there are only 40??<br /><br />Does someone have a complete set of all 52?<br /><br />Is it possible that 12 of the cards that were THOUGHT to be in this set were actually blank-backed E121 cards??<br /><br />If someone has all 52, then they can compare the size, paper quality, print, photos, etc. to see if all 52 are actually Koesters.<br /><br /><br />Or maybe Koesters ADDED 12 players later?? But why?<br /><br /><br />

Archive 07-26-2006 11:52 AM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>leon</b><p>Long time no hear from you.... I have had a dozen or more questions as to how you are doing...Care to give us an update. No webiste? Really glad to see you back with regards

Archive 07-26-2006 02:02 PM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>Hal Lewis</b><p>I've been on the road all summer with my son's team that just won the World Series!! Here is a neat article that mentions his involement:<br /><br /><br />Myers Park wins 12-2 for Semifinal Berth<br /><br />By St. Clair Murraine <br />DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER <br /><br />MOODY, Ala. - With two of his grandparents watching him play for the first time, Johnny Craig Jr. just showed out at the Dizzy Dean World Series. And so did the rest of the players the Myers Park team of 12-year-olds.<br /><br />Craig led a 15-hit attack that produced a 12-2 victory for Tallahassee over Rome (Ga.) in a pivotal game that lasted just five innings. Craig drove in three runs, two on a third-inning triple, and scored once. <br /><br />Tallahassee will face Huffman, Ala., at 5:30 p.m. today for a spot in Thursday's championship game. Huffman advanced by defeating the Panhandle Panthers of Grand Ridge 6-4.<br /><br />While Craig played a key role in the day's show, Michael Hallenstein had a performance that is now becoming routine. He contributed with a 3 for 4 effort.<br /><br />Hallenstein scored in each of the first two innings to helped stake Tallahassee's starter Ryan Sanchez to a 4-0. Sanchez worked one more inning before making way to Jeff Frandsen.<br /><br />Sanchez made his first start on the mound after playing at third base in Tallahassee's two previous games. He said it was a start he anxiously waited for. He gave up two runs on three hits, while striking out three.<br /><br />Tallahassee shut the door in five innings by scoring five runs in the bottom of the inning. It might have been different if Rome didn't gamble against Halley Lewis.<br /><br />With two out, Sanchez was issued an intentional walk to load the bases. Lewis drove a double to deep left field, clearing the bases. Lewis came home on a triple off the center-field fence by Kamaiu Johnson, then Connor Bishop singled to right with the clinching run.<br /><br />“They dominated this (Rome) team, which gave us an opportunity, and our bats came alive today,” said coach Johnny Craig Sr. “From top to bottom everybody contributed. It was a great win.”<br /><br />Rome (Ga.) - 002 000 - 2 3 0<br />Tallahassee - 133 03x - 12 15 0<br /><br />WP - Sanchez. LP - Wilson <br /><br />

Archive 07-26-2006 02:37 PM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>leon</b><p>Congrats to your son on that great win. I had my very best experiences in organized ball as a 12 yr old and going to the Texas State All Star Championship. We stayed in the girls dorms at was summer though <img src="/images/sad.gif" height=14 width=14> . I will never forget those times and I am sure your son won't either. This is the most important stuff in life, imho...My little 9 yr old girl is growing up way too fast. Back to On topic....thanks a lot for sharing this advertisement. This is the kind of stuff I most enjoy in the hobby..finding out about our cards and how they were distributed etc.......regards

Archive 07-28-2006 12:24 AM

1921 Koester Bread cards
Posted By: <b>Ken McMillan</b><p>I saw the paper on ebay also. I am confused about this set of cards and would appreciate any information on them. My Great Great uncle is pictured on one of these cards, and I was trying to find out how to identify this card from the 1922 W575 cards which are also blank backed. I have heard that the position of the Koester's Bread cards identified the outfield positions with the abreviation outf. I have also been led to believe that all of the 1921 cards abreviated the position with the actual position played (example C.F. center field, l.f. left field, r.f. right field). Do you know if anyone has a scan of the 1921 Koester's cards. My relative was Elmer Miller. I have a couple of cards that have been identified as Koester Bread (graded cards), but I am skeptical as to whether they are correctly identified. <br /><br />Thanks, <br />Ken McMillan

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