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goudey1933 06-20-2016 03:51 PM

Lets see some ungraded collections...
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Inspired by recent "raw" threads in the post war and here on pre war....I never get tired of old school style collections/piles of cards etc. that are ungraded.Here's mine...just got back in the hobby in March so the collection is small.The top row 2nd/3rd cards were broken out of SGC holders.When I did that/putting them in a binder it took me back to being a kid.Very cool feeling.Anyways lets see what everybody's got!

LuckyLarry 06-20-2016 05:20 PM

vintagetoppsguy 06-20-2016 05:47 PM

Very nice, Larry. Cards as they were meant to be enjoyed.

goudey1933 06-20-2016 06:08 PM

Fantastic Larry..its like a cardboard time machine!

LuckyLarry 06-20-2016 07:42 PM

Thanks guys I've been retired for over five years now, and I get a lot of enjoyment out of my collection.
And Scott since your N54 user name is Goudey1933, I took a picture of the '33 '34 and '35 sets I'm working on. I'm trying for a '35 "Master" set all front/back combos. Of course this means I need four Babe Ruth cards (I've got two) (sorry those I bought "slabbed").

goudey1933 06-20-2016 08:15 PM

Thanks for posting the Goudeys.I no longer collect the 1933 but one of my favorites...I had about 1/4 of the set that I sold a few years ago.34's I collected about 20 years ago.35's to me is an under appreciated set but I never collected them.Very nice classic collection.

bnorth 06-20-2016 08:41 PM

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My all time favorite set. Got this awesome set a couple years ago thanks to fellow member PaulS.

goudey1933 06-20-2016 09:20 PM

Fantastic set Ben.As a red sox fan I appreciate the subject matter.

brianp-beme 06-20-2016 11:08 PM

Why grade when you can stack instead?
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Here is a fun stack of trimmed 1933 and 1934 Goudey, artistically arrayed.


trdcrdkid 06-21-2016 12:13 AM

Here are some of my Old Judges, maybe a third of the total. I only have five slabbed ones. The box in the upper left of the picture is filled with two rows of T, E, and N cards in Card Saver IIs and toploaders.

tedzan 06-21-2016 02:51 AM

1888 Goodwin Champions (N162)....Lithography does not get any better than this. . .


leftygrove10 06-21-2016 04:01 AM

1933 DeLong....
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Here is a group of 1933 DeLongs.

leftygrove10 06-21-2016 04:03 AM

1934-36 Batter-Ups....
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Here are some 1934-36 Batter-Ups....

rainier2004 06-21-2016 07:38 AM

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Its an older pic, but they still fill the OPs requirement...

SAllen2556 06-21-2016 08:14 AM

Hi, my name is Scott and I'm a crack addict. I think I posted this before, but most of these Diamond Stars were purchased in those pesky plastic cases. Not long ago I actually cracked open a t205 Cobb. I have pliers hidden where my wife can't find them. I keep a screw driver in my desk at work. I need help! The people at PSA are sending me threatening messages. This has got to stop!

PM770 06-21-2016 10:45 AM

Awesome pics guys.

I love seeing all those Delongs together.

GasHouseGang 06-21-2016 02:45 PM

Wow, love those colorful 1888 Goodwin Champions, Ted! They really are amazing seen as a group.

mybuddyinc 06-21-2016 03:47 PM

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T210-1 :)

Attachment 235831

Attachment 235832

Attachment 235833

Fun, fun, Scott :rolleyes:

vintagesportscollector 06-21-2016 09:39 PM

Great the pics.

brianp-beme 06-21-2016 10:17 PM

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Here is more vintage (I already posted this before) baseball card art.


frankbmd 06-22-2016 08:49 PM

Shameless plug for my 55 beaters - still need 11
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Still need a few more and a bigger table.

brianp-beme 06-22-2016 08:57 PM

Square peg in a round hole
Frank, nice display on your 55 Topps. However, I have always found that a series of concentric circles is the absolute best way to display on a round table.

Perhaps a square or rectangular shaped table should be your next furniture purchase.


bnorth 06-23-2016 06:51 AM

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Mr Gross those are some beautiful T210 cards.

Frank I have a very similar 55 Bowman set that I need about the same amount of cards to finish.

Here are some of my T210's.

Jason 06-23-2016 07:14 AM

Scott/Ben, great Red Borders. They really look nice raw and together like that. I also have my Series 1 cards in a binder. Thanks for posting them!

goudey1933 06-23-2016 09:02 AM

All the posts were great but definitely agree with Jason...the T210's are fantastic.I love the look of T cards(or similar size) in binders.:D

rdixon1208 06-23-2016 10:17 AM

I still like to keep my cards in an album
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Attachment 236023

Attachment 236024

Attachment 236025

Brian Van Horn 06-23-2016 06:16 PM

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deadballera 06-23-2016 06:25 PM

nice displays from all !

Joshchisox08 06-23-2016 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by leftygrove10 (Post 1553262)
Here are some 1934-36 Batter-Ups....

Love the batter-ups!!

BeanTown 06-23-2016 08:25 PM

Baseball currency.. Looks Much better than in a a graded holder.

Leon 06-23-2016 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by BeanTown (Post 1554166)
Baseball currency.. Looks Much better than in a a graded holder.

So that is where they all go?

pherbener 06-23-2016 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Leon (Post 1554183)
So that is where they all go?

I was just thinking the same thing!! Damn!

BeanTown 06-23-2016 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by Leon (Post 1554183)
So that is where they all go?

Something with Vladimir West Palm Beach Minor league cards! Wish he had a longer career as he was the best bad ball hitter I've ever seen play.

irv 06-23-2016 09:43 PM

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Around 120 or so 1952 Topps, mostly high numbers.

Billy5858 06-24-2016 12:27 AM

Wow!!:eek: That's Art!!

rgpete 06-24-2016 05:41 AM

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A small portion

bnorth 06-24-2016 10:00 AM

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Here is my 55 Bowman set missing around a dozen cards. Have all the stars but the Aaron.

This is all my T210's. As a shameful plug everything but the cards in the top row are for trade for T210 Ft Worth cards.

All but a few cards in my collection are raw. I like to take them out and look at them on a regular basis. I usually buy low grade beaters so the handling does not dramatically reduce their value.

Wite3 06-24-2016 11:22 AM

Some T205 love...

tiger8mush 06-25-2016 06:17 AM

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old pics, could use some updating, but you get the idea :)

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