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02-12-2007, 12:46 PM
Posted By: <b>Mike CP</b><p>Hi everyone,<br />I was emailing with a lurker and he thought we should post this information. For those of you who rely on Firefox, here is a quick way to search eBay's pre-war category (or any other site for that matter).<br /><br />Step 1:<br />Go to <a href="http://sports-cards.listings.ebay.com/Baseball-MLB_Singles-Pre-1930_W0QQsacatZ31717QQsocmdZListingItemListQQsofoc uszbsqqcatrefzc4qqcoactionzcompareqqcoentrypagezse archqqcopagenumz1qqfclz3qqfromzr10qqfsooz2qqfsopz2 qqfstypez1qqftrtz1qqftrvz1qqgetresultzqqsacatz634q qsaprchizqqsaprclozqqsocmdzlistingitemlistZ" target="_blank">Baseball-MLB&gt;Singles (Pre-1930)</a><br />Step 2:<br />Move your mouse so that it is in the search box for the category. This is the box located under the "All Items/Auctions/Buy It Now" menu.<br />Step 3:<br />Right click your mouse and select 'Add a <u>K</u>eyword for this Search...'<br />Step 4:<br />Add Bookmark -<br />Name: Whatever you want it to be, doesn't really matter, we chose eBay Pre-War<br />Keyword: This is important, make this something that is easy to remember. We chose 'prewar' (minus the quotes).<br />Create In: This may or may not be important. I have a tone of bookmarks so I created a special folder for all my keyword search.<br /><br />From now on, you can go to the address bar (where you type websites normally) and type 'prewar t206' and it will go directly to the search on ebay. Here's one for you to try out, if you decide to name your keyword something other than prewar, you should replace that. Don't include the quotes....<br /><br />'prewar T206 (El Principe De Gales,Tolstoi,Uzit,Lenox,Broadleaf,Broad Leaf,Hindu,Drum,Cycle,American Beauty,Am. Beauty,Carolina,Brights,EPDG)-(reprint,rp)'<br /><br />email us if you have any questions!<br />Mike