View Full Version : When to Resubmit for Grading?

12-28-2004, 10:39 PM
Posted By: <b>Jeff Lichtman</b><p>I know a lot of board members have suggested that one should always resubmit to the various grading companies cards that have been rejected as trimmed or those that have received a lower grade than anticipated. I'm wondering how long one should wait before resubmitting. I'm convinced that if they rejected a card a month ago, if I send the same card back to them they'll just look it up in the computer and see that I sent the same card previously and just ding me again. Any thoughts or advice?

12-28-2004, 11:18 PM
Posted By: <b>DD</b><p>I have always assumed that those comments are along the lines of being facetious. This is due to some documented examples of cards being trimmed, and somehow ending up in a slab. If your card measures correctly, try a different grading company. If it is trimmed, save everyone the effort and sell it as such.

12-29-2004, 06:24 AM
Posted By: <b>warshawlaw</b><p>I've resubmitted a month or two later and had no problems. The key is knowing your cards. I'd not bother resubmitting a card that I question as altered. However, if you have not altered the cards yourself and have sufficient expertise to evaluate the raw cards and believe them to be genuine and unaltered, the fact that a grading service and you have a difference of opinion is no reason to give up your opinion. Remember, as every grader says, the determination as to the card's grade is an opinion, not an objective fact.

12-29-2004, 08:53 AM
Posted By: <b>leon</b><p>I had my mayo type card rejected for coloring by SGC. They circled the spot where it was a little shiney on front. After being dejected for about 6 months I took a Mars Plastic eraser to the spot. I resubmitted it and it came back an SGC 30.....go figure.....later

12-29-2004, 06:35 PM
Posted By: <b>dan mckee</b><p>You can try another company immediately or wait a few months and try the same. The measurements are MEANINGLESS! Cards that measure perfectly can be trimmed and many pre-war issues can be short and NOT trimmed. You do not detect trimming by size, period. They are not going to look up what you sent in before, that would take time and time is money. Plus the odds you will get the same grader are low. Submit, Submit, Submit, you will get it slabbed unless it is an obvious alteration.