View Full Version : 19th Century bird cage catchers mask

08-14-2007, 04:23 PM
Posted By: <b>Jimmy</b><p><br />I just picked this up this weekend, and I believe it maybe an early homemade bird cage baseball catchers mask. Does anyone else have something similar, years are most likely from the 1880s or 1890s. I just wanted to know if anyone hand any thoughts before I posted the item to my website.<br /><br />Thanks Jimmy<br /><br /><img src="http://www.network54.com/Realm/tmp/1187036584.JPG">

08-14-2007, 08:23 PM
Posted By: <b>Joseph</b><p>I've a similar mask that I've always thought was somewhere in the 1890s-1915 range. What remains of the padding on mine is stuffed with very fine straw--sometimes the stuffing lends a clue. All in all, I'd say you have a delightful turn-of-the-century piece of folk art. I'd have wanted it if I saw it!

08-14-2007, 08:48 PM
Posted By: <b>Jimmy</b><p>thanks for the info, I have seen a few others that look similar in auctions that have ended at about 200.00, I think that is what I will place for a price and see what happens - but I agree that it would be Americana folk art piece as well given it was hand made.<br /><br />Thanks Jimmy<br />