View Full Version : OTish - Spalding guide post request

07-30-2007, 01:35 PM
Posted By: <b>Alan Elefson</b><p>Hi-<br /> I was wondering if anyone would be able to post a scan of their 1903 Spalding Football guide book. Specifically, I am interested in a scan of the copyright page. I have two guides (1900 and 1903) that I purchased from a dealer who bought them from the Naismith family (I also acquired the signed guide from the same source). I am curious to see if these guides are "proofs" of any sort (I highly doubt it) given to whom they were sent as well as notations in the rules and penalties area. <br /> I would also love to see a scan of the 1900 edition, specifically, the rules section, as the typeset on my copy is very off (most of the rules are slanted to varying degrees). I will attempt to post the scans from mine later today. I love these books both for their team/individual photos and the ads. Also, the rules are very interesting as well as the yearly injury report.<br />Alan Elefson